What is BOLDFISH? | Digital Wellness is NOT Anti-Social Media

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BOLDFISH is a free social media detox app that aims to quiet distractions. Just to clear the air, BOLDFISH is not here to have you go cold turkey. In fact, it is an alternative to you blocking, deleting, and foregoing your apps all together.

There was a study recently published by our familiar, Facebook, delineating how passive social media consumption leads to depression. Here, let’s define this passivity as mindless scrolling, or put a different way, scrolling without intent.

We make scrolling meaningful by keeping social media at bay. We hold social media at an arm’s length through BOLDFISH’s time delay feature. When you power BOLDFISH down, there is a 9 second countdown built in so that you can check yourself (before you wreck yourself), i.e. to be completely sure that you want to access the blocked platforms. We came up with the idea for a nine-second delay from the purported average attention span of a goldfish, hence BOLDFISH. Our nine-second delay is unique to BOLDFISH and is ultimately our biggest gamble. But we believe that people who are not aware of how addicted they are to their phones will first gain a new level of self-awareness… then control over their in-phone behavior.

That’s what BOLDFISH is all about. We’re not advocating quitting social media cold turkey by deleting our accounts, but we are advocating awareness to digital addiction, hence the nine-seconds that give you some breathing room. We are about changing behavior instead of forcing a quick fix. How many times has your friend (or you) deleted the native app only to use it via Safari? How many times has someone gone off on a “status update” around account deactivation only to be back on later that week? Yeah. Even if it did work, cold turkey isn’t something we advocate.

At BOLDFISH, we want you go online with a purpose–to comment, share, reconnect. We don’t want to stop you from being a part of something bigger. What we do want to forestall, however, is the urge to flit among four different apps, while never really present in any of them.

We know you have a lot of options and that sometimes, the sheer number of options and choices can lead to anxiety. That’s why BOLDFISH has a sleek and simple product design. Tap once to turn the block on and when you tap again (after waiting out the 9 second countdown) it turns off. No mess, no setup, no stress.

At BOLDFISH, we want to help you help yourself.

Let’s take back control.

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